For the amount of crap Justin Bieber has got from TMZ hounding his every move, it was only fitting that the phenom get back at Harvey Levin and Co.

And get back he did.

The Canadian pop prince took to Twitter on April Fool's Day to slay the site.

Bieber wrote, “As promised taking all fan phone calls TODAY at (888) 847 9869. Talk to u soon!”

Except that was TMZ's number. You can bet a whole lot of his 36,900,000+ followers called in.

Bieber eventually erased the post, but screenshots are forever. (You can check one out here.)

And since the TMZ tip line is toll free? It's going to cost them big bucks to make the boy wonder chuckle and his Beliebers sigh in disappointment.

Considering the traffic his pot photos, sizzurp rumors, car crashes, neighborhood spitting spats, paparazzi fights, hospitalization and concert cancellations have brought them, chances are TMZ still comes out in the black -- but we bet it feels good for Bieber to have served his revenge cold (calling).