Justin Bieber went and got himself yet another tattoo, but this one might be the weirdest yet. Because it's a giant replica of his mother's eye on the inside of his arm. Who is now forced to watch everything he does.

Whatever, the ladies will probably still love it anyway.

The new ink is positioned below a tiger's head but above the word "believe" and what appears to be a knight in front of a castle masturbating. Or holding a sword. Who knows. Anyway, when read literally, his arm says "Eye believe." Ugh. (At least it doesn't say "Eye Belieb.")

Justin captioned the photo of his heavily-tattooed appendage, "@bangbangnyc did this art ., Moms always watching"

What's even creepier is now everyone who has sex with Justin will have his mother's eyeball staring them down. What's even creepier than that? He'll never be able to touch himself using that arm ever again.