Justin Bieber took a break from exercising his salivary glands to get into a different breed of trouble this weekend.

The newly troubled Canadian heartthrob had one of his tour buses stopped and raided for drugs by customs on the border between Michigan and his home country -- and then he got turned away from a New York City nightclub days later.

Hopefully at least Selena Gomez was nice to him, because it hasn't been the kid's week.

TMZ reports that on Sunday night (July 28), a bus from Bieber's caravan was caught by a canine officer at customs with marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Bieber wasn't on board that particular bus, but given his record of ganja appreciation, we're willing to bet that his posse at least offered to share their stash.

The driver was issued a citation before he and the passengers made their way out without any further problems.

Later, in New York City on Monday night (July 29), Biebs was denied entry in a club, Griffin, around 2AM -- because he's a baby (baby, baby, oh) at just 19 years old.

Bieber reportedly wanted to spend a pretty penny on bottle service, but being a youngin', he was turned away. However, being famous, rich and entitled, he was later swept right into NYC club Catch, where we're certain he sipped on warm milk and Shirley Temples all night.