Police are once again investigating Justin Bieber for alleged incidents of reckless driving in his gated community, even though it's a proven fact that's how serious artists drive. (Ask Billy Joel.)

According to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department, two residents of the Biebs' swanky Calabasas neighborhood called police on Sunday (May 26) to report the singer's Ferrari cruising down the streets at a "startling high rate of speed" while kids were nearby.

TMZ reports that police officers were dispatched but Justin gave them the cold shoulder and they went on their way. Because the rich and famous can do that to the cops.

As you might recall, this isn't Justin's first brush with the law for his douchey driving habits. Prosecutors are already looking into a previous case that involved him tearing around his swanky 'hood and then maybe spitting on a neighbor who complained about it. Now they can add this incident to their docket.

Life is tough for 19-year-old millionaire artists. Your neighbors hate you. Jon Bon Jovi thinks you're an asshole. Taylor Swift is disgusted by you. People like to boo you. And worst of all, everyone's always harshing your mellow by telling you to go below 80 mph in a 25 mph zone.

It's enough to drive a brother to drink.

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