Justin Bieber is continuing his tour of the world, leaving nothing but a trail of destruction and un-tipped wait staff in his wake. Now he's in South Africa, where he can legally drink like an adult.

Take that, restrictive American consumption laws!

Biebs posted the Instagram pic of himself and a friend, captioning it, "Beers in the jungle."

Justin's entire crew took a day off to go on a safari and stopped to take a break with a few cold ones and prove his manliness -- because the legal South African drinking age is 18.

His beverage of choice? Amstel.

We would have gone with Bitburger, Heineken or even a Stella Artois ... but, hey, what do we know?

Justin also kept up on his quest to best Dennis Rodman as our nation's No. 1 celebrity ambassador, tweeting, "Nelson Mandela is the man! #BELIEVE"

If Anne Frank were alive, she wouldn't even be jealous.