To further make it impossible to discern himself from Captain Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp is releasing an album of pirate songs.

The album will feature a slew of other stars contributing, including hot mess Courtney Love and REM singer Michael Stipe.

The double CD set, called 'Son of Rogues Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys,' is a followup to Depp's 2006 collection, 'Rogue's Gallery.'

NME reports that director Gore Verbinski and producer Hal Willner collaborated with Depp on the project, which also features Marianne Faithfull and Iggy Pop (who last collaborated with Kesha).

The move makes sense given Depp's gradual transformation from onscreen pirate to offscreen rock star. He joyously introduced Mumford and Sons at the Grammys and offered to booze it up with One Direction when they're all legal.

Depp also performed at PettyFest with the glittery pee-sipper.

What's more, Depp recently moved to Nashville, furthering his love of life both under the radar and onstage with a guitar.

Basically, he's proving once and for all how much cooler he is than you are.

The album will hit shelves on Feb. 18, and while we love us some Johnny Depp because for God's sake, just look at him -- we're not sure why you'd want this. On the bright side, the answer to "Where did all the rum go?" may have finally been found: deep into the liver of whomever allowed this to happen.

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