This holiday season truly brings joyous tidings: We've officially won Johnny Depp back from France, and now even ladies who don’t live on the West Coast can stalk him with ease.

That’s because the actor-turned-musician has put down roots in Music City USA -- otherwise known as Nashville, Tenn. -- dropping almost $13 million for a pad to allegedly share with his girl of the hour, reformed lesbian Amber Heard.

The Deppster already has four homes in Los Angeles, but according to the Sun, the new couple wanted a place with more land. They thought about Heard's home state of Texas, but settled on Tennessee instead.

An insider says they chose to move because “Johnny isn’t bothered about living it up in Hollywood, he’d rather have the good life. While Amber loves to ride horses, Johnny’s serious about writing and playing music.”

So Nashville it was, and in a ranch with 19 rooms, space won't be a problem.

If you wanna stalk Depp (and we're not saying you should, only that it's possible we might), checking out a few of the town's night spots would probably be a good place to start.

Despite Nashville's reputation as a country music mecca, it also has plenty of rock clubs -- and since Depp has been seen in recent months jamming with everyone from Alice Cooper to the Black Keys to Kesha (video of that one here), you just never know where he might pop up.

Now we just have to get a hat, some boots, and a frame for our future restraining order.

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