Just when he thought it was safe to stay in the closet, John Travolta is being sued by a supposed former gay lover for not being allowed to tattle to the media about their love affair.

Sorry, alleged love affair.

Doug Gotterba was Travolta's pilot from 1981 to 1987. During that time period, he claims that he and the actor hooked up on the regular, and he told the National Enquirer as much.

Now he's been slapped with a threatening letter for breaking an employee confidentiality agreement he says he never signed. He acknowledges signing a termination agreement, but says it contained nothing prohibiting him from eventually selling his story (true or not) to the tabs or anyone else with a checkbook.

In response to the legal threat, Gotterba got his own lawyer and sued Travolta.

The actor's attorney, Marty Singer, says the action against Travolta is ridiculous and that Gotterba included the confidentiality agreement in his own lawsuit paperwork (oops). According to Singer, "Mr. Gotterba obviously filed this lawsuit to get his 15 minutes of fame. We plan to get this meritless case promptly dismissed."

Well, good. John shouldn't be wasting time in court when he could be out healing the sick using the magical powers of Scientology.

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