John Travolta is having a hard time escaping the sexual assault accusations that have plagued him in recent years. Now, recently uncovered documents show that the damage is more than anyone but maybe Tom Cruise could have guessed.

Gawker dug up documents showing that on top of the infamous two masseuses and his personal pilot, four other parties have filed suits against the 'Pulp Fiction' star -- including his stunt double, driver and physical therapist.

It appears that while Travolta's lawyer was screaming about the John Doe masseuse cases not being settled, the paper trails disagree. In fact, the alleged peen-prodding has been such a problem that Travolta's insurance paid out $84,500 to claimants last year.

One of the claimants is Mark Higgins, an Irish sports injury therapist who may have given the, uh, rubdown to Travolta. Another claimant is Anthony Brazas, his former driver, who claims "sexual assault" but has yet to be paid by the insurance company.

We talked to our local State Farm rep, who said they didn't offer any sort of protection against "casual groping." Meaning this is the type of policy one would have to seek out.

Know what they call a Quarter Pounder with cheese in Paris? We don't, but get your hand off our thigh.

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