Someone thought it would be a good idea to give Kirstie Alley yet another show -- super-creatively named 'Kirstie' -- but hey, at least it'll feature John Travolta as a guest star.

Let's just hope this reunion is better than the one he did with Olivia Newton-John. (The horror. The holiday horror.)

Kirstie and John, who famously co-starred in the 'Look Who's Talking' movies, will once again join forces -- this time on TV Land, where Travolta will play someone who has a one-night-stand with Alley's character and then gets too attached.

(Since Alley once called Travolta the "love of my life" and entertained fantasies that they should've wed for real, not just in movies with talking babies, looks like she's finally getting the devotion from John she's always wanted.)

'Kirstie,' which premieres in December, is centered around Alley's character Madison Banks, who reunites with the son she gave up for adoption after his adoptive parents die. The show also features her 'Cheers' co-star Rhea Perlman as her best friend and Michael Richards (aka Kramer from 'Seinfeld') as her driver.

"I’m excited about working with Kirstie again, in addition to such terrific talent on the show. It’s always a treat to be surrounded by people you respect so much both personally and professionally," Travolta gushed of their impending reunion.

And Alley herself is clearly delighted.

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