John Travolta

Be You, John
After paying boatloads of cash to a male masseuse on whom he may or may not have let his fingers do the walking, John Travolta apparently decided his next best move would be to promote Brazilian booze by ambiguously dancing with shirtless men. Alrighty. Also not helping matters? His refusal to shave whatever that thing is off his face. (That's a decision worse than 'Battlefield Earth.')
Together Again
Someone thought it would be a good idea to give Kirstie Alley yet another show -- super-creatively named 'Kirstie' -- but hey, at least it'll feature John Travolta as a guest star. Let's just hope this reunion is better than the one he did with Olivia Newton-John. (The horror. The holiday horror.)
Wedding Crasher
Seems John Travolta can't get enough early summer lovin,' because the actor made a surprise appearance at a Georgia couple's wedding after a chance meeting with the duo the night before.
Hush Money
John Travolta is having a hard time escaping the sexual assault accusations that have plagued him in recent years. Now, recently uncovered documents show that the damage is more than anyone but maybe Tom Cruise could have guessed.
Dr. Feelgood
Thanks to the mystical alien powers of Scientology, John Travolta can now heal the sick, raise the dead and fly. Or at least “cure” injured people of debilitating pain thanks to a special super secret technique called “an assist.” Yeah, we know. Just smile and nod. It's safest that way.