The tables have turned for Joe Francis, whose bad decisions have come back to haunt him like one of his very own girls gone wild after footage of him having sex was stolen.

The video features Joe and girlfriend Abbey Wilson -- winner of Girls Gone Wild's 2012 "Hottest Girl in America" search -- doing the nasty in several separate situations, and was obtained after Abbey's iPad was stolen at LAX (depriving her of in-flight entertainment and forcing her to read the SkyMall catalog).

Francis spoke to TMZ, saying that he is not behind the leak, and is doing everything in his power to stop the tape from going public.

His lawyer, David Houston -- presumably a pretty busy guy -- said he plans on taking "all necessary steps to determine who in fact has done this and who is attempting to distribute the video."

Joe's camp has contacted the authorities, and is trying to scare whoever has the tape into not releasing it by saying they'll be prosecuted if they do. (We're surprised he didn't threaten to euthanize them.)

But if anyone is a victim here, it's Abbey. Just because she has terrible, awful, no good taste in men doesn't mean she deserves to have personal video leaked onto the internet. (Assuming she isn't taking tips from Farrah Abraham and doing the "leaking" herself, of course.)

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