Back in February on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!,' actor Jamie Foxx performed a song (with a little help from the show's host) for Channing Tatum with the double-entendre title '(I Wanna) Channing All Over Your Tatum.'

Well that little diddy, originally performed only on a piano, now has an official music video, and features help from Olivia Munn, Gabourey Sidibe, and Miley Cyrus. And, of course, some Matt Damon thrown in for good measure.

With lyrics like this, you know it has to be good: "When you're splashing in the water and you think you might drown / Channing tosses you his noodle and he calms your ass down / And just what? Huh? / He just Channinged all over your Tatum."

The music video itself features Munn and Sidibe dancing and singing in rooms full of Channing Tatum paraphernalia, while everyone's favorite new DILF raps about his "magic mike," Foxx sings dirty and Jimmy Kimmel gets it oh so wrong.

The clip also features Miley Cyrus trapped under a vending machine, so -- depending on how you feel about her -- there's that to look forward to. (This whole thing also solves the mystery involing why she was wearing a Channing shirt last week with those awful dual-personality pants.)

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