Professional poster boy of pretension James Franco and his girlfriend and 'Spring Breakers' co-star Ashley Benson had some time on their hands and decided to poke fun at people more successful than they are -- specifically, Justin Bieber, and maybe even Selena Gomez.

Franco released another one of his "ironic" lip syncing videos, this time to Bieber's 'Boyfriend.' He wears a wig of Bieber's signature bangs, along with a fitted cap and a hoodie in the clip. Meanwhile, Benson rocks a dark, curly wig suspiciously similar to Gomez's hair.

The couple co-starred with Selena in 'Spring Breakers' and is said to be friends with her, so some have posited this may be their way of exacting revenge on the Biebs for breaking her heart. Others wonder if they've had a falling out with her and made her a target of their scorn. Watching the video, it's hard to tell.

There's not much actually happening in the clip. Franco walks around an apartment and nuzzles with Benson in certain scenes, while another unnamed woman -- or is it a dude in a wig? Seriously, we can't tell -- writhes around Franco.

Benson also uses her ABC Family talents to dry hump the floor, the air and a bed. Classy!

For those keeping score, Benson used to date Ryan Good, Bieber's "swag coach." Which is pretty much the douchiest term for a stylist we've ever heard.

Anyway, if you ever think a song can't possibly be more insufferable, give it time -- and give it to James Franco. Because this clip is almost as janked as his Oscars hosting stint. Almost.

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