Let's precede this by saying that Beyonce is one of the most stunning women on this planet. The world is blessed to have Bey to grace it with her beauty, class and perfection.

That said, why was it such a huge deal when some awkward photos emerged from an intense Super Bowl performance? And uh, why did her publicist think that she could make them disappear?

Last week, Buzzfeed received an email from Beyonce's publicist requesting that some "unflattering photos" of the superstar be removed from the site. The photos were all from Bey's Super Bowl halftime show, and they just showed that she was putting in more work in one 13-minute performance than most of us put into a year.

A few of the photos in question have since been magically removed from wire service Getty Images, but not the internet. Because on the internet, everything lives forever.

The same thing happened after Kanye West inexplicably wore a skirt to perform at the Hurricane Sandy benefit show. He (or his people) didn't like the attention the snaps received, so the same day Getty made them available to news outlets, they were unceremoniously yanked from view. And it didn't exactly make the existing copies self-destruct.

It's sort of unfortunate that Bey's people were so determined to make her photos go poof, because they only succeeded in drawing more attention to them than they would've otherwise received. The pics displayed some of the little trace evidence that Beyonce is actually a human being, not an alien or lab-crafted cyborg of feminine perfection and (Sasha) fierceness. They're a lot less damaging than, say, those keg stand photos your best friend won't delete.

A few brief, split-second glimpses at facial expressions anyone would make when simultaneously singing and dancing that ferociously won't make any of us forget that Beyonce is, in fact, the Queen Bey.

And, of course, the internet fought back ... via memes. Instead of leaving well enough alone, we're now left with Bey-Hulk.

Good job, guys.

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