Star soccer player Hope Solo continues her streak of terrible judgment -- this time by getting engaged to NFL player Jerammy Stevens after a two-month courtship, seeing things implode when he was arrested on assault charges, and then marrying him anyway.

Did we mention he has a rap sheet longer than the business end of John Holmes?

The couple's secret nuptials were planned for Tuesday, Nov. 13, but were canceled after police arrested Stevens on suspicion of fourth degree assault against Solo.

Seems when cops responded to a disturbance call for a wild shindig in Kirkland, Wash., they found several injured party-goers -- including Solo herself.

Stevens was found “hiding” upstairs with dried blood all over his shirt and “signs of a fight around him.” He claimed he was sleeping (apparently with Freddy Krueger), but when he told police about a verbal argument with Solo, he was taken into custody.

Court documents state the couple was fighting over whether they should live in Florida or Washington. Like that's even a question up for debate since Washington passed legal marijuana usage last week.

Solo appeared in court on Tuesday, and her lawyer gave the judge a statement saying Stevens never assaulted her. As a result, all charges were dropped against him.

It's the latest brush with the law for Stevens, who most recently played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Since 1998, he's been in trouble for things including sexual assault, physical assault, reckless driving, DUI and pot possession (see? Washington, dude).

Way to pick 'em, Hope.

On the bright side -- because drama always has a bright side for someone -- this could be a possible new chapter in Solo's next scandal-soaked memoir.

The eye-rollingly outspoken Olympic gold-medalist and former 'Dancing With the Stars' contestant said in her autobiography that the show is rigged and that Maksim Chmerkovskiy, her dance partner, slapped her around during rehearsals. (Maks denies that, but if you saw her "dancing," you can't help but wonder if he might've been tempted.)

Shortly after the charges were dropped, Solo and Stevens reportedly tied the knot anyway. And if Bravo is smart, they'll give these two kids the reality show they deserve.