Gerard Butler stopped by 'Chelsea Lately' to promote his new film 'Olympus Has Fallen,' but after host Chelsea Handler made light of his casual outfit, he couldn't help but aim some sass right back at her.

When Handler mentioned to him, "Last time, you wore a really dapper suit … I got dressed up for you,” noting the way he was dressed, he quipped right back, “I thought I was coming to a vagina festival but apparently I missed it by, like, two minutes.”

“Haven't you been to enough vagina festivals?” she responded, noting his penchant for being constantly surrounded by eligible women. (And, uh, Brandi Glanville.) Double burn.

Hear that world? Gerard Butler only dresses up when there is a vagina in his vicinity. Or if he's being an impromptu Spartan soldier.

To see Butler fake cry because Handler jokes that he finally made a decent movie, make sure you check out the whole video. Then start planning a vagina festival and invite Gerard Butler.

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