Gerard Butler

15 Stars With Their Tongues Out
Tongues have long been used by everyone and their mother (minus the Amish or anyone under the impression that cameras steal your souls) to liven up photographs, but it wasn't until one pop-star started using hers to excess that we could call an overuse of tongues "pulling a Miley Cyrus."
Photo of the Week
BFFs Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler recently hung out together at the Wimbledon finals in London, bonding over their matching jackets and completely ignoring the existence of Cooper's girlfriend Suki Waterhouse. Oh, like you wouldn't.
Photo of the Week
Gerard Butler really needs to stop messing with our hearts, because we're falling for him hard. First he recreated '300' for his fans, then he talked about dressing up for vagina festivals and he even humored the troops. Now he's lifting weights with children and hugging them and it's possible my ovaries just passed out cold.
Worth the Wait
The 'Harlem Shake' trend may be pretty much over, but that didn't stop actor Gerard Butler from making a video with some British troops -- a video that'll make you smile unless you're dead on the inside where it can't be changed.
Vagina Festival
Gerard Butler stopped by 'Chelsea Lately' to promote his new film 'Olympus Has Fallen,' but after host Chelsea Handler made light of his casual outfit, he couldn't help but aim some sass right back at her.
This Is Sparta
Gerard Butler once again stole our hearts when a fan outside 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' handed him a replica Spartan helmet from '300' and he put it on -- without even being asked -- and got right into character.
Memory Lapse
Howard Stern, as is his M.O., grilled my imaginary boyfriend Gerard Butler about his sex life. Specifically, his sex life with Brandi Glanville. You know, the hot mess whose name he didn't recognize.
Storybook Bromance
Turn your umbrellas upside down, ladies. In what can only be described as the best guys' night out ever, Gerard Butler, Jonah Hill, Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper made it rain at a club in Miami.