Gerard Butler once again stole our hearts when a fan outside 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' handed him a replica Spartan helmet from '300' and he put it on -- without even being asked -- and got right into character.

Decked out in a suit from promoting his new film 'Olympus Has Fallen,' Butler also posed for photos so fans could get a good shot of him originating his 2006 role as King Leonidas.

Then he surprised everyone by yelling out his famous line, “THIS IS SPARTA!”

Granted, we would have preferred him shirtless and rippling, but barring that, we'll take '300: Wallstreet' as a substitute.

If hearing everyone cheer in excitement and awe when he belts out that famous line doesn't put a smile on your face, then just admit that you're dead inside and go ahead and plan your funeral already. Because come on.

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