The continuing horror show that is Patricia Krentcil -- better known as Tan Mom -- continued this week after she decided to inexplicably release a gut-wrenching rap song that sounds like Cthulhu's dying breath.

When the cast and crew of Chelsea Handler's show heard the song, they instantly became inspired to throw together an interpretive dance (after they quelled the ear bleeding, natch).

"There are a few members of my staff who were so inspired by her song that they wanted to give it a proper tribute. So I give you the 'Chelsea Lately' dance group," Chels said in her introduction.

Donning burnt faces, matching track suits and wigs, six staff members got down to the song.

And even though the bit only lasted a minute or so, they probably had to listen to the track a few times to practice -- cementing their spots among the bravest late night staffers of all time.

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