Former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell -- the Drake that Rosie O'Donnell likes, not the one Amanda Bynes wants to murder her lady bits -- has instigated yet another Twitter war.

This time it's with Michael Jackson's 15-year-old daughter Paris. (Did we mention Bell is 26?)

It started when Paris navigated to Drake's feed, only to find out that she had been blocked. She posted a screenshot with the following caption:

Drake responded with, "Gee...I wonder why? Know your place ... what do you do again?" and including a screenshot of a message from last July, when Paris responded to one of the many times Drake has slammed Justin Bieber.


Drake's been known to use his feed to routinely snipe at the Biebs, causing Beliebers -- and Paris -- to retaliate.

"@DrakeBell thanks darling but i’m quite familiar with my place, see you on the flipside," Paris replied, which seemed to bring about a ceasefire. Bell has since deleted his tweet.

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