Rosie O'Donnell is no stranger to controversy, but an innocent tweet caused all sorts of problems for her this week.

It all began on Tuesday, March 26, when Rosie sent this off into the twitterverse:

Naturally, everyone began buzzing -- Drake has been a hot topic in Twitter news since Amanda Bynes said she wanted the 26-year-old singer to murder her nether-regions. (Drake wisely chose to remain mum on that matter.)

But in a turn that could make Bynes spit nails, Drake actually retweeted Rosie, then followed up with this:

Seems he spoke too soon, though, because the comedienne was actually talking about Drake Bell - singer and erstwhile Nickelodeon star - who's currently on ABC's celebrity diving show 'Splash':


Then she made up for it by complimenting the first Drake:

Nice save, Rosie.

Meanwhile, there's been no response from Bynes, who is slowly making the transition into a Smurf and likely working on assembling a crack legal team.

So it looks like a catfight has successfully been avoided ... at least for now.

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