Drake Bell is grasping at the last straws of relevance by trolling Justin Bieber fans on Twitter and flopping off of a diving board and at life, and it all came to a head at LAX last night.

Bell foolishly launched a microblogging war with Beliebers, who are notoriously more rabid than most feral raccoons, and at one point invited them to visit him at LAX. (That tweet has since been deleted, because hindsight is 20/20.)

The Beliebers showed up to confront Bell, and based on the video above, weren't all that belligerent, save for playing 'Baby' ad nauseam and asking the erstwhile Nickelodeon star exactly why he beefs with the Canadian heartthrob so much.

Bell, for his part, appeared sheepish and relatively polite. In part because, well, you need to keep your cool around anyone unstable enough to stalk a troll at an airport.

The Beliebers were heartfelt in their mission to quell the drama. Check out one attendee's bizarrely warm missive. We've edited it for clarity, because apparently lurking at LAX means either missing or not focusing in English class:

This is a group of random passerbys, Beliebers, media, and Drake Bell fans.

I am a Belieber and I never went to LAX with intention to hurt Drake. We wanted to show him that Beliebers would show up and would confront him. This is by no means all of what happened and more was said off-camera. Don't assume this is all that occurred.

We told him to stop hating on Justin and his Beliebers. We were also being sarcastic a lot. We were trying to make light of a situation. We weren't going to harass and yell at him. That would only fuel the fire. We wanted to end the feud. Hate needs to stop in both directions.

I love you Justin and I hope my actions made you proud or you at least found them acceptable. I truly hope that Drake stops and I hope he thinks about what he says now that he has heard directly from your fans.

We're pretty sure Bieber is too busy counting his money to care about any of this.