You can always count on Donald Trump to voice an opinion no one asked for. The latest example? He's weighed in on the Kate Middleton topless photo scandal.

On Monday, the Donald took to his Twitter feed and played Judgy McJudgerson with this pair of posts:

This is all very reminiscent of the paparazzo who once scaled Jennifer Aniston's wall to get a shot of her topless, because who wouldn't wanna see Rachel Green's rack? But according to the Daily Mail, the photographer who shot Middleton was a half-mile away and had a "long-lens camera."

Samesies! Except they're not.

Whatever. The only reason he spouts off like this to see his name on websites and in reader polls because even though he likes to pretend he's a Very Busy Person, he's really just a blowhard addicted to his own Google Alerts.

The hardest part of business is minding your own, Donald. Just be thankful it wasn't your daughter Ivanka's boobs on that magazine cover.

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