If Brian Williams knows anything about the ongoing behind-the-scenes struggles of NBC's 'Today' and 'Tonight' shows, he wasn't spilling during his 'Late Show' interview with David Letterman on Tuesday.

Once he had Brian where he couldn't escape, Dave began to prod at the 'NBC Nightly News' anchor, trying to get details about the never-ending snafu.

Williams, feigning horror, said, “Am I going to wake up in the shower? Please tell me I’m going to wake up and it’s going to be morning and I’m going to say ‘Hey! I’m doing Dave tonight and that was just a dream.’”

Then Dave summarized his version of the 'Today' troubles, starting with Matt Lauer muscling the network to give the boot to Ann Curry, and insinuating execs cooked up the 'Tonight Show' shakeup just to draw everyone's attention from the embattled morning program.

“If I’m on to something, blink twice,” Letterman said to Williams, who widened his eyelids to avoid comment. Translation: He knows exactly what's going on.

Vee have vays of making you talk, Villiams! (Well, not really. But we wish we did.)

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