Karma is a word that rhymes with "witch."

Not long after Matt Lauer reportedly had NBC give Ann Curry the boot at 'Today,' the longtime morning show host may well be on the chopping block himself.

Sources told The New York Times that Lauer's contract won't be renewed when it expires in 2014 -- and that everyone seemed to know about it before he did.

In a meeting Lauer didn't attend, it was explained that “what matters most is the anchor connection to the audience; what we need to work on is that connection.” Translation? Get that glib dude outta there.

"What they meant was Matt," the source said plainly, "But no one would say it.”

Radar Online reports that Willie Geist, who co-hosts the third hour of the 'Today' show (holy crap, that's a long program) is the frontrunner to replace Lauer.

“The staff doesn’t like to see Matt lose his job, but it’s time for a change," a source revealed. "It’s just too bad that the network fumbled the entire situation with Ann and Matt. Network bosses just gave Matt too much power.”

If you'll recall, Lauer was integral in getting Curry removed from her position on the morning staple, which suffered severe drops in ratings, losing the No. 1 spot to 'Good Morning America' following 16 years of victory.

Lauer only recently addressed the debacle, saying, "It was a hard time for everybody," Lauer told Us Weekly. "We were getting kicked around a lot. Some of it was self-inflicted and perhaps deserved."

"I don't think the show and the network handled the transition well. You don't have to be Einstein to know that," he added. "It clearly did not help us. We were seen as a family, and we didn't handle a family matter well."

No kidding. When even a sweetie pie like Ann Curry won't hug you goodbye, you done messed up.

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