Ladies around the world are still fanning themselves after seeing the pics from David Beckham's latest H&M campaign. Who can blame them? The soccer star knows just how to make us weak in the knees. But long before Beckham stripped down to his skivvies, actor Kellan Lutz was flaunting his six-pack for Calvin Klein. Who's print ad is more swoon-worthy?

Lutz already had a successful gig as a vampire in the 'Twilight' franchise when he signed on to model Calvin Klein's X Underwear line. Clearly a steady diet of lots of blood and little sunshine does a boy good, because Lutz worked it in those ads.

As a professional athlete, it's given that David Beckham is in fantastic shape. If he feels the need to prove it, we're not going to argue. The ads show off his numerous tats and let him rock a piercing gaze that isn't quite as severe as his wife, Victoria's.

Whose shirtless photos do you prefer? Sound off in the poll below!

Kellan Lutz


David Beckham