Newark, N.J. major Cory Booker is known for his hands-on approach to politics and his comfort with social media like Twitter. And when those things converged in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, he morphed right into a real live superhero.

After blizzards, Booker is known to help his constituents shovel their driveways. Back in April, he made headlines when he saved a woman from a burning building. This summer, he helped a pedestrian who'd been hit by a car.

But all that was just a warm-up for the main event.

Over the past few days since Hurricane Sandy hit, Booker has gained national attention for using his Twitter account to go well above and beyond his role as an elected official.

Examples? He's invited locals to send him direct messages and then personally helped them locate loved ones and supplies. He's even feeding them and helping them charge their electronics. At his house.

No, seriously. (But he does have his limits.)

Take a look at the Best of Corey Booker, and then ask yourself: Would your mayor be as selfless?