Geraldo Rivera wants to run for Senate. As a Republican. In New Jersey. And probably against Cory Booker. Cool story, bro.

Rivera revealed the news on his radio show.

“I mention this only briefly, fasten your seatbelt,” Rivera said (quotes via The Hill). “I mentioned this only briefly to my wife ... but I am and I've been in touch with some people in the Republican Party in New Jersey. I am truly contemplating running for Senate against Frank Lautenberg or Cory Booker.”

If Rivera runs against Booker, it's going to be a David vs. Goliath election. Except replace "Goliath" with "Superman." Booker is pretty much universally loved throughout the Garden State, and he's a Democrat -- N.J. almost always votes blue. In fact, there hasn't been a Democratic Senator in the state since the 1970s.

In fairness, Rivera seems to know what he's up against.

“I’m not going to drill this out, because obviously I’ve got commitments to Fox and to here at the radio program and I’m really having a great time,” Rivera affirmed. “But I figure at my age, if I’m going to do it I've got to do it. And there doesn't seem to be any Republicans ready to work against or run against Cory Booker, the popular Newark mayor.”

Apparently the G.O.P. hasn't quite figured out kryptonite yet, but something tells us a talk show host with a mustache who thinks minorities sporting hoodies are asking to be shot won't be much of a match for the Man of Steel. Especially not if more puppies go missing in the cold.

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