If you're Christina Aguilera, you spend every waking moment in as little clothing as possible and you always go commando. And even when you're not naked, you still talk about it with people like Ellen DeGeneres.

And then maybe you throw in a non-related story about your girl crush on Hillary Clinton. (Something we all have, really.)

During Xtina's appearance on Ellen's eponymous daytime talk show last week, DeGeneres mentioned how the Secretary of State recently gave the singer a humanitarian award -- and check out her goods.

Ellen shared the now-famous photo of Clinton seemingly looking down Aguilera's top:

Christina Aguilera and Hillary Clinton
Warner Bros. Television

"Could you feel her gazing down on your breasteses?” asked Degeneres, ever the wordsmith.

"She's such a force in a room. She's got that star charisma and everything about her," Aguilera responded."I couldn't take my eyes off her, either, so it was mutual."

Later on, Ellen mentioned Aguilera's well-known penchant for nudity. "I like to be free," Christina explained unapologetically. "Sometimes, the less clothing, the better! I'm just comfortable in my skin and my body."

She and Miley Cyrus should really do a buddy movie together. They seem to have a lot in common these days.

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