In a stunning (it's not stunning) revelation, Christina Aguilera told the world that she doesn't wear panties. Ever.

Thanks, Xtina. Now we can't get that image out of our heads. Ever.

The singer and coach on 'The Voice' let fly the bit of TMI when she appeared on Thursday night's 'Chelsea Lately.' (Then again, everyone's freak flag tends to fly when they're seated opposite Chelsea Handler.)

For a while now, Handler's been cracking wise about Aguilera's habit of wearing only short skirts and "diapers," so Christina exacted a little revenge by demanding that Chelsea come out on stage without pants.

Handler gamely obliged, emerging with her lower half clad only in a leotard bottom and black tights in true Xtina style (the "style," for what it's worth, is a nuclear hot mess that Aguilera should really abandon).

During their sit-down, Christina explained her love of going bottomless, and then she veered right off the rails by proclaiming, “I don’t like to wear underwear. I like to be as free as possible at all times. It’s just who I am ... It’s empowering. It’s p---- power!”

Hey, DC Comics, if you need a new female superhero, Christina just named her for you. You're welcome.

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