Charlie Sheen made perhaps the best entrance ever onto the 'Conan' sound stage last night (April 11), climbing out of a tank with two scantily clad ladies. The reason? He hasn't been on the Warner Bros. lot since his infamous fallout with Chuck Lorre, the creator of 'Two and a Half Men,' and he wanted protection.

It's as good a reason as any.

In the interview, Conan and Charlie also discussed the brand of pot named after Sheen, how he wants to be besties with Justin Bieber, how Dave Chapelle accidentally caused his meltdown, and his recent Twitter snafu.

Watch the videos to hear about the inception of the weed strain (a girl scores "Charlie Sheen," then goes all meta by getting high on it with Charlie Sheen), Sheen's excuses for his meltdown -- including smoking testosterone cream -- and that time his phone number was shared with the internet.

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