Comedy singer Weird Al Yankovic shared something on his Twitter account this week -- and no, it wasn't a song parody, but rather a photo he found in a Cracker Barrel restaurant that looked suspiciously like, well, him.

Weird Al is known for his wacky persona and song parodies, playing the accordion, and his ability to keep adapting to pop culture, whether he's dressing like Lady Gaga or performing the end credits to '30 Rock' after appearing in an entire episode.

"Found on the wall in a Cracker Barrel restaurant. Looks vaguely familiar..." Yankovic joked upon finding the photo. This look-alike puts Al on even footing with Jay-Z and his appearance in 1930s Harlem, and Nicolas Cage's alleged status as a vampire.

You can tell us, guys ... did Richard Branson finally invent time travel?