Here's some late '90s, early millenium celebrity doppelganger eye-candy for you -- because chiseled jaws, crossed arms and gun-holsters worn for fun and function are what it's all about for Mal (Nathan Fillion) on the short-lived 'Firefly' and 'The Mummy' hero Rick O'Connell (Brendan Fraser).

Nathan Fillion got a leading role on the Joss Whedon TV project 'Firefly,' which made it through one not-nearly-long-enough season on FOX before the network pulled the plug on it. (We know, we should be happy it got a movie resolution, but we're not.) Fillion later went on to star in the Whedon web series 'Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog' and now plays a mystery novelist on the ABC show 'Castle.'

Whereas 'Firefly' wasn't long enough, the Stephen Sommers-directed 'Mummy' films went on for far too long. As in "two sequels, three spin-offs and a cartoon series" too long. When your movie is called 'The Mummy 3' and there's no mummy but there are yetis, you have a problem. Actor Brendan Fraser kind of fell off the radar after a series of disastrous films and currently spends his time dodging child support.

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