A trailer for the Wikileaks/Julian Assange movie 'The Fifth Estate' was released this week, and the whole time we couldn't help but be distracted by the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch in a blond wig resembles Lee Pace in a blond wig.

In fact, if they had a baby, it would probably come out looking an awful lot like Lucius Malfoy.

Benedict Cumberbatch (he of the amazing name) took the world by storm with his modern portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in the BBC series 'Sherlock.' Of course he was in a billion other things before that, but his most recent work includes starring as the villainous Kahn in the reboot 'Star Trek Into Darkness' and in the upcoming 'Hobbit' films as the voice of the dragon Smaug.

You may remember Lee Pace from the wonderful Bryan Fuller series 'Wonderfalls' and, more notably, 'Pushing Daisies,' where he played the lovable pie-maker who could bring dead people back to life. He's taken on more blockbuster roles recently -- in addition to playing the moose-riding father of Legolas (Orlando Bloom) in the 'Hobbit' movies, he's also featured in the painful 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' as one of the "good" vampires.

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