Rihanna is fast becoming the world's most famous exhibitionist. In fact, these days it would be a lot more scintillating if she'd just put something on.

This time around, you'll find her wearing only a leather jacket on the December cover of GQ.

You know, for a woman who has access to countless racks of free designer clothes, she sure has a violent aversion to wearing them. Did she have a zipper-related accident as a child?

Yes, RiRi. We see you. We see your tats. We see London, we see France, we see you're still not wearing underpants.

And really, it's getting monotonous. If you're going to strip down like this all the time, you could at least make it interesting for the rest of us.

Doodle a word search on yourself. Or a few Sudoku boards. Or a 'Where's Waldo' crowd. Something.

On behalf of entertainment writers the world over, we thank you.

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