Just because she's pregnant doesn't mean Kim Kardashian won't be spending 2013 having repeated wardrobe malfunctions, the first of which occurred Thursday while on her way to an early morning workout.

After all, she's not a mom yet, so she's gotta flaunt things before there's a child around to embarrass.

On New Year's Eve, Kim sported what can only be described as a goth doily, but then she proved that wasn't even the worst outfit of the week.

The reality star was in Los Angeles heading to Tracy Anderson’s workout studio in Studio City, hiding her baby bump in an over-sized sweatshirt, which did nothing to detract from her enormous ass encased in what were apparently very sheer leggings.

Despite most likely knowing that she'd be followed by photographers to her session, Kardashian didn't bother to put on underwear. So of course the flashbulbs rendered her workout clothes pretty much invisible and illuminated her badonkadonk for all the world to see, making it the closest a super moon has ever come to earth.

Panty lines would have been so embarrassing, you guys! Better to go commando. It's what all the cool kids are doing.

We applaud Kim for staying healthy during her first pregnancy, but geez, lady. Consider panties an investment in your parenting future. After all, you'll want to set a good example during those brief moments a squadron of nannies isn't around to take care of your baby.

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