Alison Pill's name may not be well-known, but on Wednesday, the star of HBO's 'The Newsroom' unwittingly introduced herself -- and her rack -- to the world when she accidentally tweeted out a topless photo. And her reaction to doing so was textbook awesome.

In a tweet to her 14,000 followers after the PG-13 photo went out (and was quickly scrubbed from her page), she wrote:

Even her husband-to-be, fellow actor Jay Baruchel, is making light of the mini-scandal, taking to Twitter himself to say, "My fiancee is a hilarious dork. I'm just glad it didn't happen to me first. Smartphones will get ya. CC Alison Pill. Viva Ludditism."

Her gaffe showed up on websites everywhere, but ladies, take note. This is how you should handle this type of situation. The sooner you own up to it and make fun of yourself, the sooner it goes away -- and you could even get some positive press for your good-natured honesty.

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