Sounds like actress Brooke Shields may be joining the daytime talk show 'The View' following an announcement that long-running host Joy Behar is leaving. And despite previous stories stating otherwise, controversial co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck may not be going anywhere after all.

According to a source, lead host Barbara Walters wants Shields to sign on, and she's so close to inking a deal that we may have to change that “probably” to a “definitely” -- after all, Shields is in the right age demographic for the program, is a mother and has already guest-hosted on the show with much success.

However, her arrival marks the departure of Joy Behar, who is exiting the show after 17 long years. “She’s just had enough. She wants to try new things,” claims the same source, who says Behar may also return to the Headline News network, where she'll get her own talk show.

Behar herself joked that she's leaving because she's not allowed to drink on the air like Kathy and Hoda. Which means all those catfights on 'The View' aren't in fact alcohol-fueled.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, on the other hand, may or may not have been fired, at least according to Walters herself, who walked out arm-in-arm with Hasselbeck on Monday's show.

“We love Elisabeth ... We value and appreciate her point of view,” Barbara said, adding Hasselback “helps give this show perspective and balance.” In sum: “We have no plans for Elisabeth to leave this show.”

That said, 'The View' is not indentured servitude, so Walters pointed out hosts are free to leave of their own volition if they choose. Which, if our years of parsing public statements serves us, means Hasselbeck may indeed leave -- but to save face, it'll look like she did so of her own choosing.

“Right now, the only person who cannot leave this show is me,” the 83-year-old Barbara concluded -- thus also shooting down rumors that she herself would depart the panel next year as well.

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