Taylor Swift better watch her back. We know Harry Styles likes older women, but if he likes MUCH older women, looks like Barbara Walters just might be an option.

After all, she thinks he’s sexy and talks about nipple prints when his name comes up.

Oh, were you eating? Sorry about that.

Recently, Walters included British boy band One Direction on her 'Most Fascinating People' list, which meant she had the chance to interview the group for her annual television special.

When In Touch Weekly asked the 83-year-old journalist how the sit-down went and if any of the guys in particular stood out, she said said they were all "adorable" but dished, “Harry’s the sexier one!”

She knows this because apparently her new favorite story illustrates how popular they are: “In Sweden, they had young women – bare breasted – pushing their breasts on their car so that they could actually see the nipple marks on the window.”

We told you Barbara talked about nipple prints. You were warned.

Look out, Harry -- you may only be 18, but Babs has her eye on you. Let's just hope she keeps her boobs off the windows.

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