Barbara Walters is having one hell of a month. Just over a week after falling and cutting her head, she's now been diagnosed with chicken pox. Did we mention she's 83?

"We want to give you an update on Barbara. You all know that she fell and cut her head 10 days ago, and then was running a temperature, but it turns out it is all the result of a delayed childhood. Barbara has the chicken pox,” Walters' 'The View' co-host Whoopi Goldberg explained on their show.

“She'd never had it as a child. So now she's been told to rest, she's not allowed any visitors. and we're telling you, Barbara, no scratching,"

Goldberg wished Walters all the best, gifting her with the impromptu poem, "We love you. We miss you. We just don't want to hug you."

Then her other co-hosts chimed in saying they were glad she wasn't pregnant, apologized for assuming vodka was to blame for her fall, and then hypothesized that the pox may have come from Honey Boo Boo. Like all the world's ills do.

Walters is still hospitalized after falling outside the home of the British ambassador, and in a statement released last week, she thanked "all the people who have called, written and been concerned about me."

She then retired to eat chicken noodle soup in an oatmeal bath because she wasn't allowed to play with any of her friends.

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