Let's play a game. Based on the image at left, which side is Apple founder Steve Jobs and which side is Ashton Kutcher, the actor playing him in the upcoming biopic 'jOBS'?

Bonus points if you can do it without being a cheating cheater and looking at each half of the photo separately. (We'll know if you cheat. We're pretty much the internet version of Santa Claus.)

The photo was posted on Kutcher's Twitter account along with a message thanking the Sundance Film Festival for all their support of “Jobs,” which as you know from our bitching and moaning is actually titled the incredibly pompous 'jOBS.'

The box office visits should be fun. "Two tickets for 'jOBS' please. No no, not 'Jobs,' 'jOBS.' No, not 'JOBS,' 'jOBS'! What, are you deaf?"

The biopic will follow the early life of Steve Jobs, the man who convinced the world to spend all its money for a logo of a piece of fruit on all its electronics. But hey, some people used to buy Macs before they were cool. Like our grandfathers. No, really.

[Yes, the author of this article is young enough to have a hipster grandfather who was an early-adopter of Apple products. This made me, her editor, feel positively dinosauric. Thanks, kid. -- Ed.]

As for the picture, we're currently awaiting complaints from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak that it isn't an accurate photo manipulation.

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