Ashton Kutcher is either Andy Kaufman-ing all of us or lacks a hint of self-awareness. The 'Two And a Half Men' actor and prolific tweeter is saying the media -- of which he's a part -- ruined Twitter for him.

Fox News reports that when asked how he thought Twitter was making mobile media profitable, he griped, "It used to be a personalized experience that I could share."

"I think media f---ed it up. There's a lot of people selling [another word for stuff] that I don't want in my feed. Maybe I need to curate my feed better. When I first started using it it felt like the democratization of media."

One particular aspect of the microblogging site really kvetched Kutcher.

"When they added the retweet button, it created a lot of noise in the system that hurt the experience."

Hear that music? It's the world's tiniest violin.

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