Demi Moore is still pretty bitter about her split from Ashton Kutcher. So bitter, in fact, that despite being worth $10 million more than her former boytoy-turned-ex, she still wants spousal support from him.

TMZ reports that Moore isn't just demanding spousal support from the 'Two And a Half Men' star, but that she also wants him to pay for renovations on her New York City apartment (worth between $25 million and $40 million). Unsurprisingly, Kutcher is balking.

What's more (or Moore), the 'Striptease' actress is demanding some cash Ashton earned from an online business that he started. Problem is, he started the venture after they split up.

Kutcher is said to be willing to give Moore something to make her go away -- the only question is, how much. Moore earned $90 million from her split with Bruce Willis, including a recent belated $15 million. That bolstered her net worth, despite rarely working, to $150 million.

With funds like that, you'd think she could afford actual weed.

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