It’s wedgies and wet willies and slapfights oh my for CNN anchor Don Lemon and actor Jonah Hill -- because the two are embroiled in a junior high-esque Twitter battle and we’re the unwilling audience.

Basically, the effeminate kid and the fat kid are rolling around on the gym floor scratching, pulling hair and crying. And we're pretty sure someone's glasses got stepped on.

Apparently, Lemon ran into Hill in a hotel lobby after a long night of travel and election coverage. Jonah didn’t greet him as effusively as Don was expecting – being a barely-recognizable anchor and all – and this was just a little too much for the newsie to handle after all he had been through.

And what do we do when we're experiencing a moment of righteous indignation? We take to Twitter, of course. Because that's where the most adult conversations happen.

Here’s how it went down (some of the tweets have since been deleted):

Don Lemon and Jonah Hill have a whiny bitch slapfight on Twitter.

It culminated with Lemon airing his dirty gym clothes on ‘Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien’ like a petulant child.

Guess what, Don Lemon, sometimes celebrities aren’t excited to see you. Sometimes they're just trying to pee.

And seriously, it was just Jonah Hill. Get over it already.

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