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The Nominees React
The 2013 Emmy nominations were announced today (July 18), prompting many of the nominees to either jump up and down in excitement, pretend it's just an honor to be nominated, or just stand there in awe that the voters actually nominated some Netflix original programming.
Here are some of their reacti…
This Week’s ‘Ask Amy’ Talks About the News [VIDEO]
This week on 'Ask Amy,' the magnificent Amy Poehler got an adorable question from a young person named Bobby (Bobbi?) about the best way to form one's own opinions, rather than just parroting one's parents.
Specifically, "It doesn't really seem like anyone's doing their own thinking, but everyon…
Funny Girl
Our imaginary bestie Amy Poehler recently did an interview with the magazine Time Out New York, and it's just the right level of sass and smarts that one would expect from the woman who makes us laugh -- and who should really get more attention for her spot-on insights into female empowerment.
As Leslie Knope on 'Parks and Recreation,' funny lady Amy Poehler has been a beacon for empowering women hilariously for several seasons. The former 'SNL' star and host of her own advice web series, 'Ask Amy,' has taught us a lot over the years about how to be an awesom…
'Anchorman 2' Rumble
Production on the sequel the world (or at least a small segment of the population anyway) has been waiting for with bated breath is finally underway.
That's right -- 'Anchorman 2' is busy filming yet another news-anchor-on-news-anchor fight scene with brand new cameos from brilliant comediennes Tina…
Ask Amy
This week on Amy Poehler's web series 'Ask Amy,' a young woman emailed about "pointless" videos on the internet and Amy gave a thought-provoking and poignant answer about the way we take in images around us.
New Couple Alert
They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. And apparently the way to Amy Poehler's heart is through her belly -- but from laughs, not food.
The funny lady is moving on from her estranged husband Will Arnett with another comic. So who's the lucky dude?
None other than Nick Kroll (of the …
Ask Amy
You know it’s going to be a good Friday when there’s a new episode of ‘Ask Amy.’ This time, our cuter-than-cute hostess, Amy Poehler, takes us to a very sweet "after school special" kind of place and says some rather poignant things about how to say goodbye to a chapter of your life that’s…
Amy Poehler
Remember that buzzy interview Taylor Swift did with Vanity Fair? The one where she basically said Amy Poehler and Tina Fey would burn in hell for making fun of her?
Well, Amy got wind of it. And she has something to say.
Taylor Speaks. Sort Of.
Taylor Swift covered Vanity Fair's April 2013 issue, and apparently she's mad as hell -- at women she thinks are catty, at Harry Styles, at the media and at anyone else who's ever said anything about her personal life.
Interestingly, though, she won't talk about her romantic faili…
We'll Take 10
Following in the footsteps of comedian and bestie Tina Fey's hilarious memoir 'Bossypants,' Amy Poehler has signed her very own book deal with publication set for next year.

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