Comedienne and all-around awesome person with boobs Amy Poehler was on 'Late Night With David Letterman' earlier this week, where she talked about Vice President Joe Biden's cameo on her show 'Parks and Recreation' -- and got a big smooch from Letterman in the process.

The newly-single Poehler explained that during Biden's appearance, she did something a little unorthodox while they were filming -- on the very last take she, "went in for a kiss."

When asked by Letterman how the VP responded, she replied, "He was so great. I think he's used to a lot of crazy people." And that makes sense. Let's remember he did have to sit through a debate with Eddie Munster's Republican cousin Paul Ryan.

Continued Poehler, "If the president is not there to kiss me, he has to kiss me," explaining that it was Biden's civic duty to comply with her lip-lock request. Which he did.

Later on, near the end of the interview, Letterman slid over to announce a clip and Poehler jokingly said to him, "Oh, I thought you were gonna go in for a kiss."

What was a surprise to even Poehler was that at her suggestion, he did. A big loud wet one, before quipping, “Go tell that to your little buddies back there at NBC.”

Amy's raucous laughter about the whole thing made us love her even more. Gotta admit -- we're a little jealous of Dave now. If he starts smooching Tina Fey too, we may have to declare war.

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