This week on 'Ask Amy,' the magnificent Amy Poehler got an adorable question from a young person named Bobby (Bobbi?) about the best way to form one's own opinions, rather than just parroting one's parents.

Specifically, "It doesn't really seem like anyone's doing their own thinking, but everyone thinks they are right. How can we learn what's really going on, how can we learn from each other?"

As expected, Amy had an adorable and well-thought answer that made us love her even more.

First she explains that "curiosity is a really excellent thing" and that growing up is about taking your parent's views, deciding what you agree with and what you don't, and then forming your own opinions.

Amy encourages her questioner to find what news is interesting to them, then read that news and try to take a look from the other side -- because knowing both sides helps create informed, intelligent opinions.

In summary: "Watch less local news. Read more."

As always, Amy nails it.

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