The 2013 Emmy nominations were announced today (July 18), prompting many of the nominees to either jump up and down in excitement, pretend it's just an honor to be nominated, or just stand there in awe that the voters actually nominated some Netflix original programming.

Here are some of their reactions. (Bonus: This isn't the Oscars, so no one had to express faux-excitement and shock that people actually care about their work. Huzzah!)

Amy Poehler, an Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy nominee for 'Parks and Recreation,' has never won an Emmy despite seven previous nods -- something she poked fun at:

I appreciate the nominations. I love my job. But nice try, guys. I’m not falling for this old trick again.

Fellow comedy nominee Julia Louis-Dreyfus ('Veep') was just flabbergasted to beat Lucille Ball's record of a whopping 13 Emmy nominations.

It’s taken me decades, but I have finally avenged Lucille Ball. I am euphoric.

Joked Don Cheadle, who was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy for his work on 'House of Lies':

Given all the hilarious film work I’ve done, from 'Traffic' to 'Crash' to 'Flight,' it’s nice to finally be recognized as the comic genius I am. Thank you, Academy members.

'Modern Family' star Ty Burrell was equally cheeky for his Supporting Actor in a Comedy nom.

I am honored and humbly surprised that this good fortune continues.  I’ve never had something so wonderful happen 4 years in a row before, other than winning the NY state lottery from 1993 to 97. I share this with the entire cast and crew of 'Modern Family.' I’m sure it’s not surprising to anyone who’s ever worked on a television show, but our writers are the reason we’re still in this position. I’m eternally grateful for their talent and surprising good looks.

Then there was Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama nominee Hugh Bonneville ('Downtown Abbey'), who chose to amuse us with some British slang.

I am honored, overwhelmed and dead chuffed.

As expected, Outstanding Variety Series nominee Jimmy Fallon led with a joke.

Honored to be nominated for an Emmy this morning. Takes the sting away from being snubbed by the ESPYs last night.

But Fallon's fellow nominee Jimmy Kimmel might have said it best.

It just goes to show you — good things happen to bad people.

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