On Tuesday night, 'Les Miserables' actress Amanda Seyfried stopped by 'Late Night With David Letterman' to continue her promotion of the most depressing holiday movie musical ever.

Oh, and she was drunk. But adorably so.

The actress admitted to Dave that she has horrible stage fright, so in order to appear on talk shows, she has to have a few adult beverages first.

“Have you been drinking tonight?” Letterman asked. And Seyfried replied, “Uh, yeah. I'm pretty drunk.”

Whiskey is her libation of choice, and she said she'd already had three before she even got to Letterman's studios. "And then," she added, "your lovely colleagues had some Jameson waiting for me."

"I've never done a live television show or afternoon without some kind of liquid courage," she said with a slight slur. "I understand that I have a problem maybe."

Undaunted, Letterman and Seyfried ended the interview with two big glasses of Jameson, and Letterman took the opportunity to swig straight from the bottle as she watched him sardonically.

Her 'Les Mis' character Cosette may be a boring upper-crust type, but now we kind of want to throw back a few shooters with Amanda herself.

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